An Invitation to Allinbklyn Members from KCTL

Dear Allinbklyn Community,

I wanted to let you know of 2 events we are running this summer which you and the AllinBKLYN ladies might enjoy coming along too. I think you mentioned that you can post these on your website? The details are below, please let me know if you need more info?

8/3 (time TBD) - The Davis Cup - Marcy Playground (753 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205)

This event sees all 6 sites represent a country of their choice. Students spend 2 weeks learning about the countries and at The Davis Cup they present interesting facts, while national anthems are played. Each country then compete against each other to win the coveted Davis Cup!

9/21 (time TBD) - The Jamboree - Marcy Playground

Season ending community party and tennis tournament. Students from every site compete in a singles and doubles tournament. Other activities are organized for the families and community members along with a big cookout and music.

Hope that you and the Allinbklyn team can make one of these events Eliza, they are a lot of fun!