BEAM - End of Year Solicitation


Bring creative and technical expertise to more young people!

Celebrate that moment when YOU bring inspiration and a path forward to thousands of young people in New York.

Beam Center works with NYC youth and educators to create projects that integrate real-world learning, knowledge and skills. These collaborations bridge barriers to opportunity and support kids from all kinds of backgrounds towards brighter futures.

Support Beam's Mission

In 2017, Beam youth built 100s of projects including

Water Ecology Carts = welding + curriculum design + ecology

Teen Apprentices in Brooklyn and the Bronx built large portable carts to carry lessons materials about NYC water ecology into nearby playgrounds and community gardens. They taught younger children with fun, interactive games they had designed themselves.

The Kinetic Cluster = laser cutter + carpentry + structural origami

Over 90 campers built an interactive, retractable canopy using gears, weights and laser-cut elements. The roof panels folded like origami when children sat on stools inside the structure. The roof could only fully retract when everyone worked together.

Your support helps us bring technology-integrated projects and inspiration to over 4,000 public school students each year!