In May 2018, ALLINBKLYN made grants totaling $300,000 to 18 nonprofit organizations operating in Brooklyn.

Alex House Project

Alex House Project is a nonprofit, peer-led social service and leadership development organization that supports pregnant and parenting young moms and dads who reside in economically depressed neighborhoods in New York City. The target population is young pregnant and or parenting women who are directly affected by poverty and racism, including homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, young people in new immigrant communities, and parenting youth in foster care.  In its third year of funding from Allinbklyn, Alex House Project received a $20,000 grant for general operating support.  

Beam Center

Beam Center builds together with NYC youth, artists, engineers, makers and educators to connect people to projects that have purpose. Young people learn to collaborate and create while learning practical skills in welding, physical computing, carpentry, ceramics, textiles, video, programming and design. Projects help young people build their character and self-esteem, develop skills that are useful in today’s workplace, and prepare for a life of continual learning and meaningful action.  A $15,000 grant from Allinbklyn will provide general operating support for programs in Brooklyn.  This represents a second year of Allinbklyn funding for Beam.

Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger

Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger, a model food bank in Brooklyn that not only distributes food to those in need, but also seeks to educate its constituency, and provided crucial social services and benefits counseling to those in need is using a $20,000 grant for general operating support. This is a second year of support for this organization which received its first Allinbklyn grant in 2015. 

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund’s mission is to ensure that low income New Yorkers in Brooklyn are treated fairly by the criminal justice system. BCBF will use a $20,000 grant to both help pay bail for low-income New Yorkers accused of misdemeanors, and also to connect them to a range of support services.  This grant represents a third year of funding for BCBF

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Allinbklyn is supporting the innovative work of the Brooklyn Community Foundation with contributions of $5,000 towards its Immigrant Rights Fund and $5,000 for its Invest in Youth Program.    

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations

Brooklyn Woods is a skills training and job placement program at Brooklyn Workforce Innovations. The program prepares 60 low-income, unemployed men and women for careers each year in woodworking and fabrication.  Brooklyn Woods is receiving a $20,000 grant from Allinbklyn for general operating support.  This grant represents a second year of funding for Brooklyn Woods.

Common Justice

Common Justice develops and advances solutions to violent crimes that transform the lives of those harmed and foster racial equity without relying on incarceration. While they operate nationally, locally (in Brooklyn) Common Justice operates the first alternative to incarceration and victim service program in the US that focuses on violent felonies in the adult courts.  Common Justice was launched out of a demonstration project of the Vera Institute in 2017 and is receiving a 2018 general operating support grant for $20,000 from Allinbklyn.   

Cora Dance School

Cora Dance School provides a broad range of dance classes as well as nutritional snacks and academic and other support services to low-income kids and adults in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  A $15,000 general operating support grant will be used for all school activities.  This represents a third year of Allinbklyn funding for Cora Dance. 

Emma's Torch

Emma’s Torch provides culinary apprenticeships and training to refugees so that this fragile population can get the workforce training, as well as support and placement services, to enter the food service industry in New York City. Operating out of a café and catering location in Brooklyn, Emma’s Torch is receiving an Allinbklyn general operating support grant for $15,000. 

Gowanus Canal Conservancy

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy is a community-based non-profit organization that serves as the environmental steward for the Gowanus Canal Watershed.  This conservancy not only acts as the guiding voice for Gowanus landscape design, it also educates and empowers the community and beyond about the challenges of this Superfund site through public and school programming.  A $15,000 Allinbklyn grant, the second in two years, will be used for general operating support. 

Heights and Hills

Heights and Hills provides support services to Brooklyn’s elderly and their caregivers promoting “successful aging in the community.”  A $20,000 grant for general operating support will help fund existing services and will augment programming at their newly- renovated senior center in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Heights and Hills received its first grant from Allinbklyn in 2016

Jeremiah Program

Jeremiah Program is a new nonprofit located in Brownsville, Brooklyn with a mission to “transform families from poverty to prosperity.” This successful Minnesota nonprofit is piloting its model in Brooklyn, creating partnerships between service providers and diverse single mothers living below the federal poverty line and their young children to create access and reduce barriers for both generations.  Allinbklyn is supporting this start up with a $15,000 general operating support grant.  

Kings County Tennis League

Kings County Tennis League uses tennis as an instrument for youth development and community building in underserved Brooklyn neighborhoods.  This nonprofit not only rebuilds/refurbishes tennis courts that are located in public housing developments in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, it also provides volunteer led tennis instruction to kids ages 5-15 as well as teaching educational and community building activities.  This nonprofit is using a $15,000 grant from Allinbklyn for general operating support. 

NEW York Peace Institute

New York Peace Institute provides free mediation and restorative justice services for conflict around housing matters, financial issues and intercultural disputes.  The program provides an alternative to criminal court adjudication, bringing the complainant and the accused face-to-face before an impartial mediator to fashion a remedy that is recommended to the court.  A $15,000 grant from Allinbklyn, the second in two years, will be used to support their Criminal Court Mediation Program, a project that targets low-income families and works in collaboration with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Legal Aid, Brooklyn Defenders, and NYPI.

Power of Two

Power of Two supports parents by providing their babies with the developmental foundation they need to become health, happy and successful adults.  Using a rigorously-tested program called Attachment and Bio-behavior Catch-up (ABC), Power of Two uses trained parent-coaches to help parents raise resilient children.  A $15,000, grant will be used to support trainings in Brownsville, Brooklyn. This is the second Allinbklyn grant to this organization, the first having been awarded in 2016.  

Read 718

Read 718 provides individualized literacy instruction and mentorship to low-income students in grades 4-8 in Brooklyn who are reading below grade level.  The organization, a 2015 and 2017 Allinbklyn grant recipient, received a third year of funding with a $20,000 grant for general operating support. 

Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project promotes civic engagement through student-led school day and after-school programs where youth become agents of change, learning through the process that being involved is essential to an effective and equitable democracy.  This nonprofit offers flexible programming not only in schools, but also in community organizations.  A $15,000 grant will be used for general operating support. 

Vernon/Project Reconnect

Located in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, this nonprofit has employed vulnerable, adult young men in entry level jobs in one of the three nonprofit businesses it operated: a café, a bakery, and a graphic apparel business. Now Vernon focuses solely on the graphic apparel business as well as providing support for online education courses for these young men. A $15,000 general operating grant represents a third year of funding to Vernon from Allinbklyn.