In May 2017, ALLINBKLYN made grants totaling $250,000 to 16 nonprofit organizations operating in Brooklyn.

The Alex House Project

This Red Hook, Brooklyn organization received a $18,000 grant for general operating support for parenting classes and support services to young moms ages 25 and younger. This represents a second year of funding for Alex House.


Beam provides children with exciting experiences in creative problem-solving through working with their hands and actively collaborating with others.   BeamWorks, is a program of Beam Center, which reaches underserved youth with a chance to build, create and learn in a collaborative environment.  A $15,000 grant from Allinbklyn will be used to support BeamWork’s Fab Lab Initiative, which brings STEM and art-rich learning and BeamWorks programming to three low-income, underserved Brooklyn High Schools.    

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund’s mission is to ensure that low income New Yorkers in Brooklyn are treated fairly by the criminal justice system. BCBF will use an $18,000 grant to both help pay bail for low-income New Yorkers accused of misdemeanors, and also to connect them to a range of support services.  This grant represents a second year of funding for BCBF

Brooklyn community foundation

Allinbklyn is supporting the innovative work of The Brooklyn Community Foundation with a contribution of $10,000 towards its Immigrant Rights Fund.    

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations

Brooklyn Woods is a skills training and job placement program at Brooklyn Workforce Innovations. The program prepares 60 low-income, unemployed men and women for careers each year in woodworking and fabrication.  Brooklyn Woods is receiving an $18,000 grant for general operating support.  


The Bushwick Starr is an Obie Award winning nonprofit theater, neighborhood arts center, and a destination for exciting and engaging performance.  Located in the heart of the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, The Starr provides a springboard for emerging professional artists to make career-defining leaps, and provides a sanctuary where established artists come to experiment and innovate.  A $6,000 grant will be used for general operating support. 

Cora dance

Cora Dance provides a broad range of dance classes as well as nutritional snacks and academic and other support services to low-income kids and adults in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  A $15,000 general operating support grant will be used for all school activities.  This represents a second year of Allinbklyn funding for Cora Dance. 

Extreme kids and crew

Extreme Kids and Crew serves families of children with special needs by providing a safe space for children to play and parents to bond.  A recipient of an Allinbklyn 2015 grant, this nonprofit will use a second year of funding of $15,000 towards general operating support

Gowanus Canal Conservancy

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy is a community-based non-profit organization that serves as the environmental steward for the Gowanus Canal Watershed.  This conservancy not only acts as the guiding voice for Gowanus landscape design, it also educates and empowers the community and beyond about the challenges of this Superfund site through public and school programming.  A $15,000 Allinbklyn grant will be used for general operating support. 

Green City Force

Green City Force prepares unemployed NYCHA residents between the ages of 18 and 24 for employment in green jobs.  An $18,000 grant will be used to support job training and resident engagement efforts at their Red Hook Urban Farm site.  This is the third year of Allinbklyn funding for Green City Force. 


LIFT provides legal information and guidance to New Yorkers embroiled in Family Court without legal representation.  An $18,000 grant from Allinbklyn will be used to support their new satellite office which serves as a free legal clinic in Brooklyn Borough Hall. 




Little Essentials provides equipment, bedding and clothes for Brooklyn mothers in crisis with kids aged 0-5.  This nonprofit also offers mothers free parenting, skill building and health education classes in partnership with a pediatric clinic.  An Allinbklyn $15,000 grant will be used towards general operating support.   


New York Peace Institute

New York Peace Institute provides free mediation and restorative justice services for conflict around housing matters, financial issues and intercultural disputes.  The program provides an alternative to criminal court adjudication, bringing the complainant and the accused face-to-face before an impartial mediator to fashion a remedy that is recommended to the court.  An $18,000 grant from Allinbklyn will be used to support their Criminal Court Mediation Program, a project that targets low-income families and works in collaboration with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Legal Aid, Brooklyn Defenders, and NYPI.

READ 718

Read 718 provides individualized literacy instruction and mentorship to low-income students in grades 4-8 in Brooklyn who are reading below grade level.  The organization, a 2015 Allinbklyn grant recipient, will receive a second year of funding with an $18,000 grant for general operating support. 

St. Joseph High School

St. Joseph High School for girls in downtown Brooklyn will use a $15,000 grant to enhance their STEM programming with the implementation of Fab Lab, a fabrication laboratory where students learn digital design, digital fabrication and robotics through a project-based educational program.  This grant represents a third year of Allinbklyn funding for St. Joseph High School.  

vernon avenue project/reconnect

Located in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, this nonprofit employs vulnerable, adult young men in entry level jobs in one of the three nonprofit businesses it operates: a café, a bakery, and a graphic apparel business.  Out of 100 men trained in three years, 75% have gotten jobs after working for Vernon. An $18,000 general operating grant will support all three enterprises, and represents a second year of funding from Allinbklyn.